Pool Sizes

Before you can decide on the size, there are a few things that you need to do beforehand. First you will need to determine if you actually have enough space on your property for a swimming pool. You will need to determine the actual size and shape of your backyard, which will help you narrow it down to the specific size and shape for your pool. You may find that the most practical shape is a rectangle, as it is easier to maintain and costs less to heat if you invest in a swimming pool heater.

After you have done your measuring homework you will want to ensure that the ground in your backyard is stable enough to support the pool that you want. You do this by having a surveyor come out to study your property and landscaping. The surveyor will be able to tell you if you can dig on the property without damage to any objects or any people. Among other things, he will also be able to tell you whether the land is too hard or too soft to support the swimming pool you desire.

Once everything checks out you are on your way to having your custom backyard oasis that you have been dreaming of!