Pool Types

Traditional inground pools usually have reinforced walls with vinyl-liners. Rectangular pools are most common, but an interesting variety of L-shaped, free form, and other shapes are also available. Manufacturers have created many new liner patterns and colors, so there are many options pool owners can choose to enhance their poolscapes. Excavation of the pool site is usually necessary before installation, so inground vinyl pools fall into a more expensive price range. Optional features add to the price, but they are often worth the extra cost for the aesthetic benefits.

Gunite pools are the most flexible pool types in terms of design. Gunite pools are often seen in commercial applications; many private homeowners, however, also choose gunite pools for their flexibility since they can be built in any shape. Gunite pools can be designed to fit into irregular spaces and reflect the style of your home. From traditional to free form, the options are limited only by your imagination. These are permanent, reinforced pools finished with concrete and plaster.

A wide variety of special options such as waterfalls, custom steps and beach entries can be easily added to complement these high-quality pools. Gunite pool owners can also choose from many plaster finishes or pebble applications, allowing for maximum creativity. The high quality of these pools can put them in the higher price range.